Exclusive Free Cheatsheet from Fanbytes:
"How To Predictably Drive Massive Installs from Millennials and Gen Z, Even If You're Not One Yourself" 
(Hint: You won't pay a cent to Mark Zuckerberg!)
What you're going to learn in this cheatsheet
  • How to use meme based advertising to speak in a language Gen Z are familiar with and get them downloading.
  • How to use an "unpolished creative" to stand out from the sea of "polished" videos & emotionally connect with young people.
  • How to tap into culture so millennials think your app is the coolest thing on social media
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In this cheatsheet, you will learn how to think like a millennial and outwit the competition when it comes to driving downloads from a young audience on social media.
The strategies here are time tested and have been used to get apps CPIs as low as $0.50 and even $0.36 when they were initially getting CPIs of $3 using Facebook and Instagram ads.
The strategies here are unlike what you may have used before but judging by the results and the testimonials, they work.
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Joe Wagner
"Not only do Fanbytes understand Snapchat inside out but they also have a strong distribution network to maximize engagement and ROI on your content."
Shawn Pouliotte
"I was blown away by the results. The traffic and installs generated were of quality and really engaged - combine this with the aggressive CPI and I was very impressed by what Fanbytes delivered."

Mo Mukati
We were seriously in shock. It was really remarkable the results we were seeing. I remember when we were skeptical at first on how it'd perform because this was new territory for us and I'm so glad we took that chance.
BOA Exclusive Offer
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